What supplies do I need to buy for my new puppy?


I get asked all the time, "So, what products do you recommend?" If you are wondering as well, this page was written just for you!

The average trip to the local pet emporium can be mind boggling.  New puppy owners often have a long list of what they think they need for their new puppy, but come home only to find they've forgotten some of the most essential items or worse yet, spent a small fortune and ended up with a host of wrong or ineffective products in place of what they really needed. Here is a comprehensive list of low and higher budget items, all of which will make life with your new puppy a dawgone delight!  

Keep in mind, you can pick and choose to a certain extent, but having the right tools in your hands from the very beginning of your journey as a new puppy owner will save you hours of time and much trouble retracing your steps back to the most family-friendly, practical and effective puppy products on the market today.


Puppy CratE

The first thing you'll need for that new puppy?  A crate for overnight sleeping quarters.  Here's a rather basic but perfectly serviceable option.  Moderately priced and good value, an excellent size for breeds up to 25 pounds adult size.  This utilitarian crate is small enough to ensure puppy stays clean overnight but not too cramped to be comfortable.  (Remember Puppy People, use a small crate like this one mainly for sleeping quarters at night.  Short periods of daytime use are OK, an hour or two tops, any longer daytime crating needs to be done in a larger space like those listed below).

Though most Puppy People prefer this open wire crate, I actually slightly prefer (and I think puppies do too) the plastic Ultra Vari Kennel listed below.  I think the closed space is more naturally den-like to a small puppy and feels less likely to allow potty accidents.  It's not a big issue with me, so choose whichever you prefer, just be sure to make good use of it, whichever you choose!

Puppy Playpen

Here's my favorite daytime option for keeping your puppy contained and comfy.  Large enough (36.8 x 24.2 x 26 inches) to give your puppy room for a bed on one side and toys, food and water dishes on the other.  I have this set up in my kitchen, it's super cute and what I love most is that it can be used without the top to give puppy a feeling of freedom while still keeping her safe and off the carpet! (Remember Puppy People, puppies need lots of structure and NO access to carpet until they have been "accident free" for 5 days : )

Structure is the new puppy owner's best friend.

I tell puppy owners to create a puppy friendly space, in a room where you can put puppy's crate (or for a playpen, LOVE the Richell pen or the IRIS Wire, a bit pricey but everyone who see's my Richell set up in my kitchen begs to take it home!) and that becomes your puppy's main area until she's reliably house trained.  

Only give access to other parts of the house when your puppy has been out to potty, is presumably "empty" and tethered to a responsible human who can monitor puppy and prevent accidents.



Best Puppy Gates

These Richell gates are wonderful. They are well made, look great, and are so functional. Highly recommended to create attractive yet effective puppy containment!  Use baby gates to create a safe zone for your puppy.  I suggest the kitchen or laundry room, or a family central area that keeps puppy close to the action but is is a carpet-free zone.  That you'll want an area with an easy to clean floor goes without saying : )


So now there's no excuse for not confining your puppy to an easy to clean carpet free surface!  This 192-Inch model is a carpet lifesaver!


If you have an opening that will allow a walk-through gate, even better!  You'll appreciate being able to open doors with one hand.  Stairs can be addressed easily if need be with the same sort of barrier.


These little "Ex Pens" are WONDERFUL to have in your new puppy toolkit!  I've used these from our first litter onwards and always when traveling to dog shows, going camping, anything I want puppies safe and yet able to go potty and exercise a bit & they are inexpensive and amazing!  IF you are potty training a new puppy, this single item will make the process go so much quicker.  Young puppies are often reluctant to go potty while on the leash, of course that comes with time but this little pen set up out in the backyard in a shady potty spot can as one client recently told me "It' works like a miracle!"  Enough said!

I recommend a combination of these for inside and outside the house, a quick & portable option when I want to have a small exercise area that can be moved and stored with little effort.

The versions below are nice if you have an open floor plan and still want a puppy play area (YES!) that will keep your puppy happy and not just hidden away in a dark crate and no interaction with the rest of the family.  The white version is more of a square option for tighter quarters.

The BestPet is a super playpen to use outdoors, it's sturdy and has a black powder-coat finish.  My favorite outside play area for families who lack a fenced yard.  Puppies benefit immensely if they are allowed to run and play and use up puppy energy a few times a day.




Puppies that live on a leash with little or no time to just unbend and romp to their heart's content and wear themselves out are often puppies that chew, don't sleep well at night and are generally more troublesome than puppies who have enjoyed daily periods of just being allowed to be dogs!"

I recommend a combination of 4 inexpensive options to help your puppy navigate through puppyhood and potty training with ease!

This size for daytime play area up to 3 hours at a time.

This size for night-time sleeping or traveling, feels like a den, closed sides make it puppy cozy.


This works well as a larger play area and is big enough to put toys, a food and water dish and give puppy room to play when you go shopping.


I love this for outdoor portable potty yard! This single tool will help make potty training so much easier!

Best Underseat Airline Carriers

Warning: You Don't want to get this one wrong!

Traveling with Fido?  You'll need the RIGHT SIZE under the seat carrier, MOST of what is advertised is tooooo small for a comfortable journey for your puppy.  It's no fun traveling with a cramped puppy, trust me on this one, get a large enough travel container!  I've had owners rave about how much they like the Teafco Argo Petagon, I love the upscale look and rich textured fabric, very nicely made and looks like it came from a  ritzy doggie boutique! 

"We were hesitant about getting a bag that went beyond the dimensional regulations for pet carriers with Southwest Airlines, but took the risk as this one was "airline approved". The airline didn't hesitate to permit the bag and most other people didn't realize that we had our dog traveling with us until we let him poke his head out of the top. I will say the height and length of large bag is really the max size that fits under the seat, but the width is narrow enough to allow for just enough space on either side to stretch my legs."  

The Snoozer Roll Around also get's high marks if you want the ease of a pull-along dog trolley that again, will fit nicely under the seat when you fly (read the reviews, this one requires a bit of fiddling to tuck it properly but everyone loves it anyway!)



Remember, your puppy comes fully equiped with her own warm fluffy coat, sometimes a smaller bed leaves room for your puppy to cool off and lay on the tray of her kennel.  You'll be surprised at how often, given the choice she'll stretch out on a surface free of warm bedding.  Of course in chilly temps all puppies love to cuddle in a cuddly bed, but giving them options is always a good idea.


Doggie Books Both Training & Entertaining!

Carol Lea Benjamin remains my all time favorite writer of puppy and dog training books.  She's funny and very readable and while her methods are extremely gentle and positive, she also knows that "100% Positive Dog Training" isn't always logical or effective.  Puppies need boundaries and they need to learn about loving leadership.  Carol writes with grace and wit and she KNOWS DOGS!  Enough said.  Buy her books and READ THEM!  Remember puppies LOVE IT when we take our position as the gentle but firm leaders in their lives. 

For something to peruse while you're snuggling on the couch in front of the fire with that new puppy, two of my favorite authors, veterinarian James Herriot's books, set in England during the 30's & 40's is at times hilarious, heart rending and just great reading for animal lovers!  Can't neglect to mention Jan Karon and her Mitford series, abounding with canine humor, 5-Stars to one of the best storytellers in America!

Lad: A Dog
By Albert Payson Terhune

Dog Supplements by Agatha's Apothecary

As CEO and founder (along with my good dog Agatha) of Agatha's Apothecary, it's been my passion to help puppy owners keep their puppies healthy for the long term.  If there was one lesson I wish every new dog owner would learn, it's that it is impossible for dog food alone to keep your puppy healthy for a lifetime.  

With the incredible health challenges our dog's encounter on a daily basis, from toxic flea control products and chemically treated lawns from tainted rawhides to dog foods that lack adequate nutrition, these real threats mean we must take steps to ensure our puppies grow up to be healthy adult dogs.

I promise that Agatha's Apothecary will only offer proven products that will give your new puppy her very best start in life.  From powerful probiotics to natural flea prevention, I've gathered the very best pet nutritional supplements on the planet.  I'm so proud of my sweet Agatha and these products, she has been the inspiration for the start of something amazing.  If you don't know her story, or the reason we began this journey 6 years ago, you can read more here: www.agathasapothecary.com

I know our products will help pets live happier + healthier lives, it's my joy to share them with pet owners everywhere.


Best Dog Shampoo & Coat Conditioner On the Market ( I groomed dogs professionally for years I should know!)


My Favorite Puppy Kibble

There's not much more worrying than a puppy or even a who doesn't eat well!  After feeding puppies & our clients boarding dogs for over 30 years, I've found a combination of really wonderful puppy - adult food options that will keep your pets eating well for a lifetime!  I use a combination of people food liberally added to a great quality kibble.

Canned Puppy Food (only if you must!)

Puppy food choices - it's enough to make your head spin.  I've decided that though there are numerous options (and opinions) of what is the best, those opinions change all the time depending on who you consult.  Natural Balance is a top of the line puppy to adult food with limited ingredients, no grain and a proven track record of excellence and healthy happy puppies to boot!

Puppy Appetite Enhancer

My MUST HAVE for new puppies!

It is literally a life-saver for small or weak puppies. More importantly, for the new puppy owner, Agatha's Elixir is an yummy tasting, easy to use liquid, packed with prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins and herbs that support your growing puppy in a multitude of happy ways.  

A squirt over the top of puppy's kibble helps ensure she will eat happily after the competition of  littermates is a thing of the past.

Puppies can be notoriously picky eaters and puppy moms often spend a lot of time worrying that they are not eating enough.  This potent little elixir will keep blood sugar levels stable and over time will help your puppy eat with the gusto of a hound dog, well, almost : )


Puppy Training Treats

I'm not a fan of poor quality "junk food" for puppies and always like to point puppy people to options like these, but if you run out, always remember a few Gluten Free Cherrios are a great option too!

 Just remember, don't let your puppy fill up on even nutritious treats, but use them sparingly as an earned reward to help speed house training along etc.

Another option that works well for the recall (and potty training!) just keep them to a minimun as an EARNED reward (they are kinda rich!)

These Blue Buffalo Mini Blue Bars are more of a snack than a training treat.  Nice to toss one into the playpen or crate when puppy goes in for a nap or so mom can cook dinner!

Puppy Potty Supplies

Be sure that you have a good quality stain and odor remover before puppy comes home.  Rocco & Roxie make a great product, you want an enzymatic cleaner so accident odors and stains are completely removed not just covered over!

For those Puppy People who need an indoor potty option.  If you've read my book on Puppy Training 1o1, you'll know that I'm not typically a fan of teaching a puppy to use pads in the house.  I understand there are exceptions to every rule and here are a few choices if you decide that it's necessary in spite of the Puppy Diva's disapproval : )


Just get a bottle!  If you don't get anything else for your new puppy, buy a bottle of this amazing enzyme cleaner, trust me you'll need it and it will make any indiscretions on the part of your puppy a thing of the past!


For those rash puppy people who ignore Puppy Rule #4  (Puppy is  not allowed on carpet until completely housetrained. OR briefly when "empty" and tethered to a responsible puppy attendee.

Occasionally a frantic puppy owner will write asking how to stop a particularly icky habit, stool eating! EEK!  Fear not, this little product sprinkled on your puppy's breakfast should make that problem disapear, thank goodness!

Agatha's Apothecary Flea Free Naturally eBook

Flea Free Naturally


I'm a big fan of wondercide products and their natural and safe options to deal with everything from mosquitoes at your barbecue to flea and tick control on the family pets. Keep in mind, these are not nuclear weapons and will require faithful use to be the most effective.  I tell EVERYONE when their puppy reaches 6 months of age, to add a scoop of Agatha's Apothecary Natural Flea Remedy to their daily diet beginning a month before flea season starts!.  A combination of the right products will keep Fido flea and tick free naturally!


Safe Dog Toys


Puppy Leads, Harness, and Collar

Let me start out by saying I prefer a lead and collar (yes the proper term used by the doggie pros is "LEAD".  Harnesses are popular and I'm OK with their use as long as we don't turn our puppies into sled dogs.  Using a harness can encourage your puppy to pull, that's why we use them on horses, you don't see them pulling wagons with collars on their necks, point made : )

$10.98 $18.96
$9.99 $19.99
$7.99 $10.49
$14.99 $16.99
$10.99 $15.70



Grooming Dynamic Duo!

Make a fabulous leave in conditioner & detangling spray by adding a tablespoon of Healthy Coat to Agatha's Fur Freshener, shake well and use every time you brush your puppy. Eliminates doggy odors, leaves the coat easy to comb & moisturized.  Great for in-between baths!

$17.99 $29.95
Rosewood North America

Coconut Oil For Beautiful Coat 

Rich source of medium chain fatty acids, coconut oil reduces shedding, cures itchy skin, eliminates bad breath, eliminates parasites naturally, it's a wonderful easy to use product for daily canine health!

$15.80 $35.00

Puppy Safe Cleaners - Norwex - Chemical Free

Chemical Free - Easy - Safe to use - Environmentally minded

Those are some of the reasons I use the Norwex enviro cloth here at Foxglove Farm. The micro silver antibacterial agent in these cloths do wonders for our puppies and us!


Enviro Cloth

  • BacLock - micro silver antibacterial agent only needs water to remove up to 99% of bacteria when following proper care
  • made up of more than 10 million feet of fiber 1/200th of a human hair

Pet Towel

Super absorbent. Lightweight. BackLock micro silver antibacterial agent. Cuts drying time.


Pet Mitt

When puppies' muddy and wet feet come in from romping and playing outside, the pet mitt comes to my rescue!