My 4 Favorite Products To Help Puppy People Stay Healthy Too!

My 4 Favorite Products To Help Puppy People Stay Healthy Too!

Here I am with sweet Clara Rose my grandniece, she loves helping me with the puppies.

Here I am with sweet Clara Rose my grandniece, she loves helping me with the puppies.

4 Products I Take Every Single Day

(and why you should be taking them too)

Hello, I'm Terry Cross, aka the Puppy Diva, writer of puppy tutorials and all things related to our well-behaved & healthy canine companions. Even though I hesitate to point my faithful Puppy People toward yet more shopping, yet for so long I've wanted to encourage many of you to pay attention to your own health as well as the health of your pets, so I'm sharing here what I've told so many of you via our phone conversations.

I get it, I know you've probably already spent a small fortune getting your puppy or your older canine outfitted with all the shiny new bits and pieces every dog needs to make make life at home more successful.  I saying that it's time for some of you to spend a little on taking better care of yourselves, which in the long-run will benefit everyone in your family, including that new puppy who needs you to have the energy to keep up with puppy antics!

Most days I'm on the phone helping my clients, answering questions about their dogs, advising them on their puppies, pointing them to the proper puppy supplies and dog supplements.  Quite often, the conversation comes around to people health and supplements & I find myself sending people to their local health food stores or Amazon in search of products to help them with their health concerns.

I've felt for a long time that it might be helpful to put just a few key supplements here for the people who might be struggling with staying healthy.  People are so bewildered by the huge number of choices in products and they sometimes go year after year not doing anything to build their health, this post is for those people, to encourage you to start today taking steps to better care for yourselves. 

What makes me such an expert in these things you ask?  Great question and I'm happy to answer.   Yes, I'm passionate about pet health, but that journey started years ago with the search for products to support the health of my two-footed family members, after years of watching people I loved struggling to regain lost health after years of neglect and poor choices nutritionally.  

Having worked for years as a veterinary technician, I always worried that conventional veterinary medicine did little to encourage pet owners to help their pets avoid disease. We told our clients to "never give people food to pets" (hogwash!) and that "supplements aren't necessary dog food is all dogs need to stay healthy" (more nonsense!)  Though I faithfully followed those guidelines, my dogs still died years before they should have.  

Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary

Then my beloved Cavalier Agatha, came down with breast cancer, unbelievably, at only 4 years of age, and I knew that if I continued to follow conventional veterinary medicine, that she would surely die.  I began to search diligently for answers.  I had already been working with a nationally known naturopath to help John & I stay healthy, we had followed his advice with wonderful results and so I turned to him to help Agatha get well.  

Generous with his time and expertise, I gleaned knowledge that would bring healing and support for my little sick dog.  I added carefully selected probiotics and other key supplements to her daily routine, we changed her diet completely and waited and prayed.

Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary running in a field of dandelions.

That scare with cancer was 6 years ago, Agatha, who should have died, will soon celebrate her 10th birthday.  She still runs around like a puppy and spends her days (when she's not searching for the rabbit who lives down by the mailbox) helping me as the doggie Co-founder and CEO of a company named in her honor.  Her journey back to health gave me a dream of helping other people's pets live longer, healthier lives.

That early desire to find products and the path to better health for people was the foundation for helping Agatha, and now a vast number of pets.  Pets in every state and in other parts of the world who enjoy better health as word continues to spread about how beneficial quality supplements are for our pets. 

My beloved Agatha and the Pet Apothecary she helped inspire.

My beloved Agatha and the Pet Apothecary she helped inspire.

I'm happy to know that those pets will be healthier because of Agatha's Apothecary, but those pets all belong to people, people who need to be healthy too. That has always worried me, so times I've urged people to give lifegiving products to their pets, but what about their owners?

Terry & John and of course, Agatha.

Terry & John and of course, Agatha.

If we were talking on the phone or if you were in my kitchen having coffee and we began to talk about supplements for people and which ones I believed were the foundation to building better health, I'd give you the list that appears below.  I'd send you to your health food store (or to Amazon or wherever you shop online).  You would take careful notes and when you left, I'd be happy that I'd helped you not only keep your dog on track nutritionally, but that your own health would improve. My customers have been the most amazing blessings in my life, it's an honor to be a blessing to them as well.


And so, in the interests of helping pets AND my dearest Puppy People:

Live Longer + Healthier Lives

After all, we need to take good care of ourselves first, so we are able to care for those we love, be they two OR four-footed!

My FAVORITE Multi-Vitamin!

Such a fantastic vitamin. Energizing, with whole food concentrates, amazing.

I've taken these for over two decades, if you can't take any other supplement, take this one.  Made with whole foods, rich in soluble B vitamins, these are my go-to for energy vitamin!




No time for breakfast?

Here's a great meal replacement, I combine Plant Fusion & Garden of Life Green Food for an energizing start to every day!

I always look for increased energy from my supplements, this combo is a powerhouse!  High in protein, delicious taste & super source of concentrated nutrition.

Probiotics: Puppy People!

You know I couldn't forget these!  Ask Agatha, we take probiotics every - single - day!)


There you have it Puppy People, a powerhouse of products to build your health and help you stave off disease.  Let me know if you have any questions, but in the meantime, order a supply and get started building your health, your energy and your brain power (remember, many of you have either got a puppy to raise or an older dog to help keep fit!)

With Warmest Wags,

Terry + John & Agatha 


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