Cavachon Puppy Training Book

Does this sound familiar?

“My child has been begging for a puppy since she was BORN!”

“I overheard my son tell his teacher, "My mom and dad just don't know how great having a dog would be!”

Or how about this poor parent?

“I’ve been wanting to let the kids get a puppy for so long, then our neighbors got the most amazing dog last year and my children are so mad at me!”

Terrified that a puppy will snap your last nerve and chew the whole house to shreds?

Cavapoo Puppy Training

Fear not puppy people! It’s the puppy diva to the rescue!

This book is written for all those despairing little puppy-less kids and the parents out there, who for far too many years have turned a deaf ear to their children's piteous pleas for a puppy.

Those parents who with a bit of hand holding from the Puppy Diva, have finally decided it’s time to take the dreaded PUPPY PLUNGE.

I’m Terry Cross and I’ve been helping nervous parents find puppy bliss for over 25 years. I’ve counseled literally scores of reluctant pet seekers over the years, and have a Inbox full of letters from grateful puppy parents proclaiming,

“Getting this dog was the best decision I ever made. Our family has been changed for the better in ways I never dreamed! THANK YOU for helping me take the leap and get a dog!”

“Bringing a puppy into our lives added so many layers of love to our family, I can’t thank you enough for helping us begin our puppy journey.”

“My 13 year-old daughter has come out of her room and is engaging with our family again. We all LOVE this dog so much. He has been so good for our family. THANK YOU!”

“This dog is amazing, our 8 year old was starting to having anxiety issues and we were worried that he was going to have asthma. Since this dog came into our lives, all that is gone. No more asthma, no more anxiety, who would have dreamed a DOG could be so healing?”


Recently, I spent almost an hour on the phone with a woman from Boston who I’ll call call Maria. She had called in a panic because she really wanted to allow her daughter (who was about to turn 15 by the way), to have a puppy, but was so paralyzed by the fear of what chaos a new puppy would bring to her life that she had said NO year after year until finally a comment she overheard from her daughter made her pick up the phone and call me in search of a way to give in to her child’s pleas (and not lose her sanity in the process).

The comment she overheard that made her feel like “the worst mom in the world”?

“My mom’s NEVER EVER going let our family have a dog, there is no way, I gave up even asking!!!”

“I felt like the worst mom in the world, my poor daughter. Her best friend has this wonderful dog and Katie spends all of her free time at her friend’s house so she can “pretend” she has a dog too.”

My heart went out to this really sweet sounding lady who was in such turmoil over doing what she thought was right for her child but too fearful of getting it wrong and being doomed to life with a dog and not knowing how to train it or keep her house from being wrecked!

“I’m the poster child for the parent who really wants the good things I know having a dog will do for my child, but I have literally no idea of how to raise a dog or how to properly prepare, can you help?”

Thank you Maria for that call, it was the push I needed to make a resource unlike anything else in the world of puppy training. Divided into easy to absorb, bite-sized sections that will help you become a puppy owning professional in no time flat!

Prefer your Kindle or are you a visual learner? Me too. Not only are we are offering an eBook and a print version (for those who love holding a real book and taking notes). I’ve included lots of photos and illustrations to keep lessons kid-friendly and help you get the concepts quickly.


Getting a puppy can be SUCH a great thing for your family, and bring benefits that you haven’t even considered (AND be about a third as hair-raising as you fear and at least a 100 times more FUN!).

The Puppy Plunge

The Puppy Plunge