New Puppy Cheat Sheet

New Puppy Cheat Sheet

7:00 AM

Rise n’ Shine! Open your puppy’s crate and pick up your new little furry companion to head out to the back yard and to the designated potty spot. (Important: Don’t let your puppy follow you outdoors or an accident will probably be the result!)

8:00 - 8:30 AM

Back inside for a few minutes to allow your puppy to play (in a gated & easy to clean area) and use up puppy energy then:

Puppy goes into daytime playpen for breakfast. Playpen contains a small assortment of toys and small non-tip dish of water. (Richell Pet Pen is a good option approx 24” x 36”).


8:50 AM

Potty break 10 - 15 minutes after breakfast is finished. Allow puppy to play and exercise and vent puppy energy before heading back inside (Remember: A tired puppy is a good puppy!)

9:00 AM

Puppy goes into Richell Playpen for play/naptime.

10:00 to 11:00 AM

Take puppy outside for some exercise and potty break. Back inside and either supervised play or tethering or back in Richell Pen until lunchtime.

12:00 - 12:30 PM

Give puppy his lunch in the Richell Pen. Allow 10 - 15 minutes and take him outside for exercise and potty. Bring him back inside and place him back in his Richell Pen. If puppy protests, it’s OK to tap the side of the pen with a magazine or wooden spoon and “No! Quiet!” to let him know he has to wait patiently.

2:00 PM

Puppy typically will have napped/played with toys, it’s time to carry him back outside for exercise & potty. newpuppycheetsheetrule2.1.jpg

4:00 PM

Don’t forget, your puppy needs snuggled a bit during these trips in and out. Give lot’s of praise and a bite of training treat for every successful potty trip. You guessed it, it’s time for another play/potty visit to the back yard. If there are kids coming in from school, now’s a great time for them to help ferry baby in and out. (See “Puppy Rules” for more pointers for children handling puppies.)

5:00 PM

Puppy is back inside and goes into Richell Pen or supervised in gated area, this would be a good time to do some tethering while someone works on homework.

6:00 PM

While having your dinner, puppy has his in Richell Pen, then outside for playtime and potty break. (Are you feeling like a puppy yo-yo yet? Take heart, this doesn’t last too long as long as you are diligent and help your puppy learn his lessons well.

7:30 PM

Family/Puppy time “Empty” puppy is played with and allowed to enter a carpet-free-zone for a bit of exercise and socialization. Take turns being the puppy monitor. Be alert for “pre-potty behavior” (puppy dropping his nose to the floor, sniffing walking in a small circle). You have just seconds to scoop him up and escort him outside as needed.


8:00 PM

After playtime it’s probably potty time, you know the routine & out you both go. Bring puppy back inside more supervised time or put him in Richell Pen for a pre-bedtime nap.

9:00 PM

Many puppies will be snoozing about this time.

10:00 - 10:30 PM

The last person up is responsible for taking puppy outside for one more potty visit. It’s important, even if your puppy is asleep to wake him up and give him the opportunity to go potty so he will hopefully then be able to sleep through the night.

Lights Out:

Puppy goes into smallest kennel for night-time sleeping. Be sure this kennel size is sufficient. For small breeds I recommend about a 26” long plastic travel crate for nighttime use.

If puppy’s crate is located near your bed, you can monitor his nighttime needs. Most puppies will sleep more contentedly close to one of their human family. Don’t forget to tuck a small piece of clothing in the crate for comfort and company.

If your puppy wakes up in the wee hours and begins to cry, don’t immediately jump up and take him outside. First try tapping the crate with a wooden spoon or similar item. Tell him “Shhh! No Quiet! No!” and wait a few minutes. Many puppies don’t really have to go potty at this time, they just woke up and were worried, if they hear you close by most often they will drift off back to sleep.

Sweet Puppy Dreams!

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