Clean Up

Clean Up

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The proper tools can make cleaning up after your new puppy a breeze. (well, almost!)

Rule #1

Please keep your puppy in a restricted easy to clean part of the house until she’s been accident free for 2 weeks. That one rule will save your nerves and and your carpets! I recommend a combination of baby gate, playpen and sleeping crate, to give your puppy a safe area that if and when she does have an accident it's not a big deal and you can deal with it quickly.

Housetraining a new puppy starts with keeping your puppy strictly on floors that are easy to clean until she’s dependably housetrained period!

By using an assortment of crates, playpens and baby gates, you can keep your little hoodlum corralled until she’s graduated Potty Training 101 with honors. Until then it’s your job to make sure that when she has an accident, it’s easy to clean and remove any scent that will cause her to return to the scene of the crime.

You’ll want to have some basic supplies on hand so when the inevitable happens, you have a cleaning kit that will dazzle everyone with it’s simplicity and effectiveness!

A great stain and odor remover

One of the best enzymatic cleaners on the market Rocco & Roxie again on Amazon if you can’t find it locally at PetSmart or your corner pet place.


No new puppy owner should be without a supply of these amazingly effective & naturally antibacterial Norwex EnviroCloths. This company has such wonderful products all of which make the puppy diva’s (and the new puppy parents) life easier! Check out their floor cleaning sets LOVE!

So your little precious has had the first of what we hope are just a few accidents in the house. Of course she's on your easy to clean kitchen floor so no need to panic. First blot up any offending liquid, then a quick spray to saturate the area. Use paper towels or better still your Norwex cloth to annihilate any odor or bacteria and polish the area back to its pre-puppy perfection!

Remember is to clean up any accidents quickly and don't skip the enzymatic cleaner. I prefer these kind of cleaners which work by actually breaking down and dissolving urine crystals (not just masking odor) properly used they’ll prevent your puppy’s return to the scene of the crime.

To use the Norwex EnviorCloth rinse it first with warm water and bring out the excess. Simply wipe the area to remove any residue. Norwex cloths remove 99% of all bacteria and will take away the phenones that tell your puppy “Here’s the spot”. Rinse the cloth with hot water, wring and hang to dry until it’s needed again. No need to launder until it’s heavily soiled, The beauty of the Norwex materials is that they disinfect themselves naturally. I've use lots of doggie cleanup tools over the years and at the risk of sounding spammy, these are worth the effort to obtain and use!

Let me interject another training tip on this discussion of all things house keeping. If you are able to scoop puppy up and hold her in one arm during the first stage of cleanup, hold her in your arms telling her how disappointed you are in her going potty in the house. It will go a long way and her remembering mom really doesn't like it when she uses the kitchen as a bathroom. Keep your tone mildly disappointed so she knows clearly mom is not happy (no yelling of course) after a bit of scolding carry her over and put her in her crate for a time out while you finish cleaning. Unless she's not finished the deed then it's outside to the potty spot and lots of praise for even trying to get it right there!

Since life happens, I will include a few tips on removing urine from carpets. Of course you won’t need these tips because you’ve not allowed your new darling to have access to the carpets I’m certain.

For those unfortunate souls who have ignored the pages of warnings in this treatise on living the good life with your puppy by keeping her contained and within limited easy to clean spaces until she’s house worthy,,, here’s how to save your carpet.

Use tons of paper towels or if you’ve got a few old bath towels to sacrifice they will do nicely. Your aim is to remove as much of the liquid as possible. The bad news is that the liquid will penetrate the carpet and down into the padding below. After you have blotted (not rubbed) until all moisture possible is removed it’s time to saturate the area with your enzymatic cleaner, especially on carpet this is the only way to be sure an odor won't linger.

  • Spot test first to be sure your carpet is color safe.
  • Don’t mix with any other cleaners. To be effective, enzymatic cleaners work alone or not at all.
  • Be prepared for a slight odor to remain for some time, these cleaners work slowly. It will take a minimum of 24 hours or longer for the odor to disappear from fabrics and carpets.
  • Stubborn stains will need repeated treatments. Follow the instructions on the bottle as to how often to retreat.
  • If you are one of those daring souls whose puppy will roam freely through the house, order one of these immediately and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A word to the wise Puppy Parent. You can save a load of headaches if you do your homework and keep puppies contained until they are house worthy!

Follow the rules & keep puppies OFF carpet to avoid all this trauma & drama!

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